Honeymooning: George Town, Penang

I really, really liked George Town. Kuala Lumpur was a little overwhelming at times and in places crazily commercialised - I saw more coffee chains than I see in London - whereas George Town had all the awesomeness in a way that felt more accessible, friendlier and easier to navigate. Also it was sunnier. 

There were a couple of downsides to George Town. Namely, the colonial awkwardness (Britain abandoned Malaysia during Japan's WWII invasion, so really not much to be proud of, despite the nice buildings) and the fact that Pete and I were both ill, to varying degrees. The hideous chest cold I'd been fighting for a week came out to attack me (I won) and Pete, well he had a cold. Basically, he popped into a pharmacist at the airport for some decongestants and the assistant asked if he had a fever. Cue an obsession with the idea of 'having a fever'. This is my life now folks. Never-ending hypochondria until one of us dies. #marriage

Despite all of that, we had an incredible four days there. Here's what we did:

Wandering Around

George Town was such a lovely city to wander around. It seems like every time you turn a corner there's a stunning temple...

...or a historic graveyard...

...or yet another example of colonial architecture...

...or a view across the sea.

Pinang Peranakan Mansion

This was somewhere we'd seen in the guidebook and were umm-ing and ahh-ing about visiting, until a downpour came along when we were nearby and made the decision for us. We ended up being glad we went in. The inside of the building was stunning (and had many an instagrammable floor).

My favourite part was the stunning temple area. It was so peaceful, cool and calming (which was much-needed).

Street Art

George Town has loads of street art, particularly around Armemian Street, and Pete led us on a hunt of the best bits (luckily - my navigational skills/temperament would have meant seeing one piece of art then getting annoyed/hangry/overheated and giving up).

Penang Hill

Get the funicular up Penang Hill, they said. No mention of the fact that it's terrifying. But I was glad I did it, in a sort of 'yay I didn't die' kind of way.

Alas, it was pretty cloudy by the time we got to the top (although I would say the views were better than the pictures below would suggest!)

Food. Like, ALL THE FOOD.

As in Kuala Lumpur, the food was incredible. The mixture of Indian, Chinese and Malay food made us completely spoilt for choice, and our experiences in KL had left us more confident about deciding what to order and figuring out how to actually order it!

I was handed this with the three-word instruction, 'Turn and slurp.' The bemusement on my face must have been obvious because the instructions were most definitely needed.

This was the New Lane Hawker Centre. I would give my right arm (well, maybe one of my smaller toes) to be eating here again right now.

So that was George Town. I'd go back in a heartbeat. Although in a way it feels a bit stupid to be posting these when it's so long since we went away, it's awesome to remember how great it was. The next honeymoon post will be the far more relaxing Langkawi. I say relaxing, obviously there were some terrifying moments - it wouldn't be me if it was - but it was probably the most relaxed I've been in a very long time...

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