A Remarkably Normal Sun-day

Today: lie-in, quick gym visit, quick WhatsApp video call, walk to the Toby Carvery, roast dinner, walk back through the park, bit of blogging/zine making. The rest of the day will probably include a Lush bath, Curb Your Enthusiasm and, regrettably, the washing up.

Normal. Unremarkable. Static.

Except. It was the first day in weeks when I didn't feel overwhelmed by anxiety, or exhaustion, or the obsession that I'd be better off not being here. I'm soaking in the relief of just feeling normal.

The best thing, maybe the only good thing, about not having normality for a while is that it helps you appreciate it when it's here. Even if it's just today, it's a reminder.

Maybe there's something to be said for the first few spring-like days of the year:

Spring has sprung from comics

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