Photo An Hour: 16th January 2016

Saturday was Photo An Hour day! Having managed to take part in November and December but not actually write the accompanying blog posts, I thought this week I should put a bit more effort in and get it done! So here goes:

9.30am: Decided to kick off my day with a Photo Ah Hour tradition: The Obligatory Cup of Tea Photo. Yes, it's January, yes I still use my Christmas mug.

10.30am: Admiring my pretty online shopping returns.

11.30am: I spied a pretty tree on my way to the gym.

12.30pm: I was probably running at this point, so... Post-run selfie instead. Aren't you lucky, getting to see my sweaty face?! Did my second 7k of the week though. Get in!

1.30pm: Lunch and a book. I win Saturday!

2.30pm: Still reading. Should have been tidying. Oops.

3.30pm: Got dressed around my new Tatty Devine necklace. Having admired Tatty Devine from afar for years, I finally made some sale purchases!

4.30pm: This should really have been a pub photo by this time, but we got on the wrong bus so... 

5.30pm: Pub photo! Finally!

6.30pm: Still in the pub, but a different pub.

7.30pm: Yeah, still in the pub. The same pub. 

8.30pm: Takeaway + black tights + me = inevitable spillage.

9.30pm: Aftermath (this also seems to be a worrying Photo An Hour trend)!

There you have it. A pretty standard Saturday, but the perfect kind of Saturday. As usual, thanks Louisa and Jane for organising us!

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