My #ThriftyGiftSwap Parcel

I took part in Janet's Thrifty Gift Swap again this year and received an awesome parcel from Gwen

But what was inside..?

The first thing I saw (and opened) was handmade honeycomb and chocolate bars. The chocolate bars had candy canes crushed on the top... Gwen is clearly some kind of festive chocolate genius. Unsurprisingly they didn't last long!

I managed to wait a week or so before opening the rest of the gifts, but temptation got the better of me (this post is basically just me repeatedly confessing my lack of willpower).

I'm on a candle trip at the moment so these cactus candles were a perfectly timed arrival! Not pictured: a cute cat notebook. I flipping love a good notebook.

Christmas socks!!! Mine all had holes in the toes so it this was much needed (yes, I do consider Christmas socks a necessity, alright?). Sparkly silver nail varnish is also a festive essential for me!

And a bird decoration! It's a terrible photo but it's lovely and it'll be on my tree every year. Obviously I love birds too.

I think we can all agree (right?) that Gwen did an excellent job! I really enjoyed taking part in the swap; there's something so heart-warming about putting effort into creating a parcel for a total stranger. If I'd been more organised I'd have a) taken part in more swaps, b) taken photos of what I sent, and c) written this post over Christmas. C'est la vie!

P.S. Thank you Janet for your formidable organisational skills!

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