12 Lists of Christmas: 3 Crap Presents

Christmas should obviously be all about the gratitude, but sometimes it's funny to reminisce about the crap gifts too. Right? My Gran was Queen of the Terrible Christmas Present, so much so that her 'interesting gifts' were actually referenced in her eulogy.

Unsurprisingly then, all of the terrible Christmas gifts I've received came from her. The worst ones were:

A porcelain dolphin. I hate animals, ornaments and dusting.

A packet of tissues. With four of them missing.

A Christmas musical box. Jesus rotated in his manger when the lid was lifted.

They're the worst ones I can think of! If you can beat these, please tell me.... I need to know!


My mum wasn't massively impressed with the Poundland DVD she got from my dad. Don't worry, it wasn't her only present, there's no divorce in the cards.

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