12 Lists of Christmas: 5 of the Best Sitcom Christmas Specials

Once a year the TV geniuses create something that combine my two passions in life: sitcoms and Christmas. Yes, my friends, it's the Christmas Special. Although I do like a good Christmas film, I'm a TV girl at heart and I ruddy bloody love a Christmas special. In no particular order, the best ones are:

The Office Christmas Specials

I know I said this list was 'in no particular order' but clearly it is, because this is the best Christmas special ever. If you want to reminisce but can't be bothered to re-watch the episodes, then I wholeheartedly recommend this Buzzfeed list of the best moments. The music video! The kiss! The 'Finchy f*ck off'!

Peep Show - 'Season's Beatings'

Obviously I had to include a Peep Show in the list, and 'Season's Beatings' is a cracker. It captures family tensions beautifully, and Mark has a rare moment of confidence which, for once, sees him come out pretty much on top. Merry Christ-mark, everyone!

The Royle Family - 'The Queen of Sheba' 

I re-watched this yesterday and it broke me. Hysterical laughter and hysterical tears all within the space of an hour. Touching and hilarious and just perfect.

Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special

I wasn't 100% sure about including this one on the list, because it's a bit hit and miss, but Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon both play a blinder and Nessa's 'Oh, Oh, Oh' never gets old.

US Office - Dwight Christmas

Generally speaking, the quality of the US Office declined pretty sharply in the later series, but Dwight Christmas is definitely a highlight. His performance as 'Belsnickel' appeals totally and utterly to my sense of slightly surreal humour, and it's the only episode in the later series that I've ever wanted to watch more than once. Let's face it, Dwight is awesome.

Right, I'm off to do ALL THE CHRISTMASSY THINGS. Tell me what I've missed off the list, I'm always up for a sitcom recommendation.

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