12 Lists of Christmas: 5 Awesomely Christmassy Blog Posts

The 12 Lists of Christmas are back! Yes, it's 20th December, but better late than never, right?


I'm going to start this year's lists with a little present for you: Christmas blog posts that you should totally check out.

Now that I've gone veggie, I enjoyed eating vicariously through Sarah's reviews of Christmas burgers *salivates*

Got a friend who's spending Christmas alone? Read Sarah's post about the dos and don'ts. She's a wise lady.

Janet's Christmas gift wrapping is beautiful, cheap and environmentally friendly. What's not to love?!

Beth's list of her favourite Christmas films made me chuckle with recognition. Obviously we are in agreement that Santa Claus: The Movie is the best Christmas film ever.

Becky is killing it with her Christmas posts this year, and this one about her memorable Christmas moments is just lovely.

Hit me up with your Christmas posts please!

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