[2015: 45] The Week With The... #BEDN

Liz, why haven't you been Blogging Every Day in November? What the hell have you been doing?

Loads of stuff, actually. It was the week with the...

New job! Definitely the biggest new of last week was that I started a new job! Exciting! So many exclamation marks! I'm now working for a mental health charity, so it's incredibly different to my old job (being a Teaching Assistant in a special school). It's very weird being back in a position where I don't really know what I'm doing, but it seems to be going well so far. I'm enjoying it anyway, and I haven't made any terrible mistakes (as far as I'm aware...). More on all that another day.

Lush bath. Having lived in our flat for a year, on Sunday I finally got around to having a bath. That sounds terrible. I have had showers, honestly. Inspired by my friend Kirsty I hit up Lush (via Wilko for a new plug) and then got my relax on.

 Chocolate. ALL the chocolate, in fact. I made brownies in a shameless attempt to ingratiate myself with my new colleagues, and I tucked into the incredible box of Hotel Chocolat goodies I got as part of my leaving present from school. Changing jobs leads to a massive increase in chocolate consumption, apparently.

Pete's 10k (mis)adventure. Yes, it was a 10k. No, it wasn't an obstacle course. But he finished and won the dubious honour of being the muddiest runner! I laughed smugly from the sidelines, but I might have done something idiotic... Last week was also the week with the 10k sign up. In February I'm running my first 10k. SEND HELP. 

What have you been up to? Have you been a better BEDN-er than I have?!

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