Photo An Hour [26th September 2015]

Huzzah! A photo an hour day where I was actually doing something vaguely interesting! Woo!

9am: Tea in Taunton Travelodge. Alliterative!

10am: Bring it. Unlimited food = challenge.

11am: The wedding venue hunt begins! This one was a lot better than we were expecting.

12pm: Um, seems like I missed this one out. I'm stoopid.

1pm: Taunton looking sexy in the sun (and another venue to tick off the list).

2pm: Pros and cons.

3pm: I managed to drive us safely to the mothership (no mean feat!). Terrible photo, but there's no way she'd have let me take a proper one. She's going to see this and kill me, btw.
4pm: LOLing at the fact that my parents paid for these!!! No, she's not partially-sighted.

5pm: Nothing to see here (except my weird feet).

6pm: Celebratory bubbles with the 'rents.

7pm: Important decisions.

8pm: Aftermath.

9pm: My mum had grown tired of my incessant Instagramming. I decided that I should probably stop here (also I was too full to reach for my phone).

Thanks Louisa and Jane for organising us all!

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