The Doughnut: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

The doughnut in question was a big rubber ring. I'm not scared of actual doughnuts; I love actual doughnuts. Mmm, doughnuts.

On holiday in Kos Pete decided that he'd quite like us to sit on an inflatable and be pulled along by a speedboat, which struck fear into my heart. I eventually conceded that perhaps I could get onboard (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) with sitting onto one of the round sofa things with lots of safety straps. Pete then pointed out to me that said sofa things were being used exclusively by small children, and suggested that doughnuts were the way forward. I pointed out to him that my travel insurance was the cheapest around and was unlikely to be useful should I sustain a serious spinal injury.

Days of nagging/gentle persuasion later and I started considering it. What was the worst that could happen? Well, death or paralysis actually, but I tried not to dwell on that. I also started thinking about how much 10 year old Liz would have been desperate to do it, but probably not allowed to. I eventually decided that I was unlikely to die and that I'd regret not doing it more than actually doing it. Also, I had a dream where Pete shouted at me for being boring (my subconscious is not subtle).

So I did it.


Yep, I liked that one so much it's my new profile pic!

Pete told the boat people he wanted them to make us fall off... KARMA IS A BITCH!

Actually, I think part of the reason that I loved it so much was because I was scared of it. Having a genuine belief that you might actually die definitely does increase the adrenalin rush. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway worked yet again. Now to apply the same logic to the rest of my life...

[note: I totally get that most people would not find this scary at all but I'm very good at catastrophising]

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