The Best Dress Ever: A Love Affair

Three years ago I fell in love. There was an initial attraction at first sight, but I could never have predicted how deep and long-lasting that love would become. Rather than try to put my feelings into words, I've created a photo collage of some of the wonderful times we shared together...

Oh, how I loved my bird-print dress. It was versatile, it went with lots of stuff but wasn't boring, it was stretchy enough for me to remain in denial about any weight gain (that's important, right?). I even got a tattoo to remind me of it (not really, but I do have a bird tattoo). Then disaster struck. For a while things had been 'not quite right'; a small hole appeared in the waistband, the pockets became a bit over-stretched. Eventually I had to make the decision to throw the dress away. I'm pretty slobby when it comes to the state of my clothes, but it was getting stupid! I was sad.

Then, as I unwrapped my presents on Christmas Day, I opened this...

Pete had found me the same dress, in my size, on ebay!!! That's true love, right there.*
I love a happy ending.

*I'm talking about the dress again.


  1. Aww, there are a handful of things which I wish I could re-find. :)

  2. Aw I love this story! I have the odd thing that I search ebay for from time to time but I've not had any luck...yet!

  3. I had a pair of jeans that I adored and one day the crotch ripped. I was devastated...

  4. I have (well, had) a polka dot skater dress that I adored - so easy to wear, it was my winter staple. I chucked it in the washing machine recently and when it came out, it had two huge holes in it :((((( RIP polka dot dress. So I know very well how this feels!

  5. That is just lovely of him! What a sweetie! I have bought my husband some organic, fairtrade chinos he fell in love with in Totnes in May for Christmas- thinking ahead- I sneaked back as he was in a changing room to buy them, so I hope he feels similarly, though not the same as a favourite dress!x


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