Why I Hate: Ikea

My relationship with Ikea is like a teenage celebrity crush. Before I'd ever visited, I just loved the idea of the place. I pictured myself eating meatballs, buying candles, picture frames and brightly patterned cushions for 2p each (or something). I looked at posters (well, the catalogue) and dreamed. I really enjoyed my first few trips. Over the years, however, my initial love has been replaced by the creeping realisation that perhaps the reality of Ikea doesn't quite life up to my fantasies. Here's why:

The meatballs aren't that great. Even forgetting with horse meat scandal, I still find them a bit greasy and disappointing.

I am terrible at assembling flat pack furniture. As in, it makes me cry (and I absolutely hate having to ask for help).

Driving to Croydon is a pain in the ass. That said, I did once see someone attempting to get the tram home from Ikea while carrying a mattress, so in that context driving doesn't seem too bad.

It's always SO BUSY. Question: why on Earth would you take your children to Ikea?! How is that fun for anyone?

You have to walk around all of it, and somehow I still manage to forget stuff.

I do not need any more tealights, photo frames, or packs of postcards.

Having said all that, I couldn't live without my apple corer. So I guess it's a love/hate relationship. Or maybe a tolerate/hate relationship.

What are your thoughts on Ikea? Surely I can't be the only one who doesn't think it's all that..?


  1. It is SO TRUE that the meatballs are disappointing - I always get so excited about them and then it's like, "oh...." I do love Ikea though, the one near(ish - it's still about a 50 minute drive) to me is always blessedly empty on a weekday evening, so that's when I tend to visit. Weekends, though... no f-ing way am I trying to shop then.

  2. I've never actually tried these infamous meatballs lol. Probably the only person who hasn't or at least that's how it feels sometimes. I actually really enjoy putting together flat pack furniture, I'm easily pleased like that. But yeah I never really got the whole tealight obsession.

  3. haha I know exactly what you mean, we only go about twice a year so I build it all up and am always let down!
    I had the meatballs when I was pregnant, I went off a lot of food when I was pregnant and it turned out their meatballs were one of the foods I had gone off, not sure I can eat them again now!

  4. I don't think I've eaten the meatballs, but I think my bf has. We only go to IKEA when we need something from IKEA, yet we come back with 10 extra things we don't need. Like spatulas. I have about 6 spatulas in my kitchen... damn you IKEA.

  5. Ha luckily I work right next to an IKEA or I'd be on the 'never going cause it's always busy' train too! I find six-ish on a weekday is the time to be there... or super early. On a weekday. Never the weekend. Bleugh.

  6. The meatballs are nasty! I hate Ikea, I feel like someone who has been sunlight deprived for a year when I leave there- labyrinth has nothing on that place!!! That said, we love our sheepskin rug and bookcases!x


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