Why I've Been a Bit Scared of Blogging Recently: My #BEDM Introduction

I care too much about what people think of me. Fact. I know it's pathetic, and I shouldn't, but I do. What with Twitter becoming ever more popular, I'm hyper-aware of the fact that more people that I know in real life might be stumbling across my posts and, well, judging me. So I've been feeling a bit intimidated about posting on here.

Anyway, I want to get back into blogging more regularly, because I like it and I know (well, I've been told...by Taylor Swift...) that it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks. Right? I'm right, aren't I? Please tell me you think I'm right.

I had the resolve, but not the inspiration or motivation to get posting again, so I was pretty excited when I saw Janet's first couple of Blog Every Day in May posts. I am incredibly stubborn when it comes to finishing any kind of challenge, so I think this is the perfect bandwagon for me to jump onto. Also I definitely want to re-engage with the 'blogging community' (vom) again, so I'll be making an effort to try and read/comment on lots of other people's BEDM posts.

For any other fellow #BEDM-ers, here's a quick introduction:

HEY! I'm Liz!

Two of the following statements are true:

I once came dangerously close to vomiting on Lenin's embalmed corpse.
I'm distantly related to the Chuckle Brothers.
I can do worryingly accurate facial impressions of Deirdre Barlow/Rashid (RIP) and Wallace (but not Gromit).

First post: done. BEDM, I'm coming for ya!
I know I've already missed the first day, but no-one's perfect...

P.S. If you're an actual, real-life person that I know, HI! Be kind.

P.P.S. Did anyone else accidentally read 'BEDM' as 'BDSM' when you saw it the first couple of times?! No? Me neither.


  1. Hello fellow BEDM-er! {waves} I'm taking part as well this week but I'm not sticking to the topics. This is the third year I've taken part - I must be mad! :-) xx (also - distantly related to the Chuckles? Awesome!)

    1. Unfortunately the Chuckle Brothers fact was the untrue one... Although I did meet them when I was 9 and I think my life pretty much peaked at that moment ;)

  2. I'm always worried about people finding my blog even though I know loads of people have found it by googling me!!! Even random people!x


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