What's in My Bag, or 'Look How Much of a Slob I Am!' #BEDM

This post ain't gonna be pretty.

Whenever I see 'What's in My Bag?' posts, they're always beautifully shot. They often feature Mulberry handbags, MAC lipsticks and a Filofax for organising one's blogging schedule. I, however, refuse to spend more than £20 on a bag, don't wear lipstick, and have about 70 Bloglovin followers (and therefore no need for a schedule).

My post-work-and-gym bag. Obviously I have a purse and a phone and keys, but so does everyone. Time to move onto the 'interesting' stuff.

The clothes I was wearing before I changed into my gym stuff. I probably should have folded them, but I couldn't be bothered. Fun fact: I continue to wear the trainers even though they have a small hole in the toe area. I love them and I can't bear to give them up.

Tissues, both used and fresh. Gotta have a bit of variety.
Headphones. Despite them being essential to my daily existence, I leave them tangled in the bottom of my bag (under the broken trainers, no less).
Deodorant. Standard.
Work badge (complete with symbols). This should actually be hanging on a hook in my coat cupboard, to stop me from losing it. It's still on my bed, which is why I keep losing it.

An apple I should've eaten after work... I had a slice of cake and two Tunnock's tea cakes instead. I may be a slob but at least I take good care of my body. Ahem.


  1. Haha, this is so much more like my bag than any of the posts i usually see.

  2. Very honest - I like! Mine is pretty tidy for once as I cleaned it out a few weeks ago. Usually there would be more post-its and sweet wrappers... :) x

  3. Ah Liz, I love you! This is amazing and very, very true! Had to laugh at the final caption - I'm very glad I'm not the only one who overdoses on sugar after school every day.

  4. I have written the content for my what's in my bag (confession I had a draft post from 2 years ago which I've never published, just need to photograph) and mine is very similar to the mess nature of yours!!! X


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