How I Became a Gym Person #BEDM

I am not a sporty person. I lack co-ordination and balance, and grew to hate team sports because I feared letting my team down. I have dodgy knees and running hurts. Yet, somehow, I have managed to exercise 3-4 times a week since Christmas (and do quite a lot before that too). How the frick did that happen?

The short answer: I made myself do it.

The long answer:
I try to think of it like going to work. As in, sometimes I don't want to exercise, but I make myself go just because that's what I need to do. Like work, I don't go if I'm really, really ill but that's about it. Also like work, I always feel a sense of achievement afterwards. Having said that...
I make it as easy as possible. My gym is five minute walk from my flat, which doesn't really give me an excuse not to go... even if it's raining.
I separate food/weight and exercise in my mind. I am terrible with food. As in, I eat a lot of it. Some of it's healthy, some of it really isn't. In the past I've fallen into the trap of exercising to lose weight. Which works... until I overeat then decide that there's no point in going to the gym because I've fucked up anyway. Exercising for fitness means I keep going even if I've fallen off the wagon food-wise.
I try and remember that I won't die. When experience finally taught me that, no matter how terrible I felt during spin, I wasn't actually going to have a heart attack it became a lot easier to push myself!

So that's it really. I sort of hate doing posts like these, because I am no expert, and also who actually wants my advice?! But I figured I should actually try and follow a #BEDM prompt properly for once! Right, I'm off for a run.*

*JOKING. I don't run. I just wait for the next bus.

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  1. Well done to you!!! I'm not a,sports person either and I don't do any exercise except my 2-3 mile walk per day.x


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