[2015: 21] The Week With The... #BEDM

A Sunday weekly round up on a Wednesday? What is this madness?!That's just the kind of crazy cat I am.

Meal at The Tudor Barn. For my birthday some of my lovely colleagues bought me a voucher for a meal at the Tudor Barn in Eltham. The food was good, and the grounds are beautiful. It was also mega-easy to get to, so we'll definitely be going back again. It was nice to feel like it was my birthday again (two months on...).

BBQ. We went to a friend's birthday BBQ on Sunday. It featured jerk chicken and dancing to Pulp, so that made me a pretty happy lady.

Eurovision tweet-along! Ah, twitter and Eurovision, my two true loves. What a magical combo. Pete was out during Eurovision (luckily for him) so I joined in the mass tweet-along. My timeline was FULL of Eurovision funnies. I wanted Serbia to win, although listening to the song the next day was like turning over in bed and realising you had beer goggles on the night before!

Walk in the parks. I didn't fancy the gym on Saturday so I popped my headphones in and went for a walk. I managed 7.5 miles, saw Crystal Palace Park and Brockwell Park, and didn't get lost, so I'll count that as a success.


  1. I just can't remember Serbia's song. X

    1. It was a power ballad-y type number. Definitely didn't sound as good the next morning! x

  2. Laughing at your bodily fluids comment. Yes, oh my, yes!!!! And the worst is when a 'damp' or sticky hand is thrust into yours and you have no idea which of those fluids is responsible!!! I'm really glad that child was sick on my feet though as it was that amongst instances in other music lessons that led to his being diagnosed with a brain tumour and he's now back in school. We had one diligent nursery nurse!x

  3. P.s. do you REALLY love comments more than crisps? It's a real tough call for me!x


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