[2015: 20] The Week With The... #BEDM

First day. This week I started a voluntary job, working one day a week in the offices of a mental health charity. I really enjoyed it, although the whole thing felt surreal. Putting on smart(ish) clothes, getting the train into London, working in an office... It basically felt like I was pretending to be a grown up (I'm 29). I finished the day feeling pretty proud of myself for surviving my first 'first day' in six years. I also felt pretty ashamed of myself for not remembering to listen to First Day by The Futureheads. You win some, you lose some.

Maritime stuff. My parents came to visit this weekend (they've just gone home) so we decided to spend yesterday in Greenwich. My Dad is massively into ships, so we did ALL OF THE MARITIME STUFF. 

Comfort reading. This week has been a bit hectic and my anxiety has been a bit more present, so by Thursday I was massively in need off some 'switching my brain off' time (my therapist would probably call it 'self-soothing'). Cue the ultimate in brainless book brilliance; Sweet Valley Twins and The Babysitters' Club. 

Walk in the park. This morning we went to Kelsey Park with my parents. It was sunny. I took some photos. Nuff said.

Cheesecake. After dinner on Saturday we skipped the desert menu, went across the road to Love A Slice and got some cheesecake to eat at home. We only went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it is so good. They also gave us a leaflet for their takeaway/delivery service. Yes, cheesecake delivered to your door. This could be dangerous.

And, the week without the dedication to #BEDM! I still managed three posts this week (I think) but I've strayed waaaaaay off topic and haven't been very dedicated to looking at other people's Blog Every Day in May posts. This week!

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  1. AHgh, Sweeet Valley twins!!! I never read that one- SO envious! I was so addicted to those as a teen! That ship in a bottle is so cool!xxx


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