30 Before 30: The 'To Do' List

Lists, lists, lists, how I love a list.

As my 30 Before 30 deadline (sorry, my 30th birthday) is a mere 334 days away, I figured I should probably figure out what I need to do and, more to the point, how I'm going to do it.

[the stuff I've already done/can't do is here]

Birthday panic is now setting in...but..I have a plan. Sort of. I also need some help/ideas with a few of these! Right. 

Go to Scotland. Good excuse to finally book a weekend in Edinburgh at some point!
Perform on stage. Whyyyyyy did I even put this down?! Kareoke?! All suggestions welcome for this one...
Submit a PostSecret. This one's quite easy, I just need to actually write and post it. Obviously I'm not going to share because it's a secret. Duh.
Complete my therapy. This should happen over the next few months. I'm very proud of the effort I've put in and the outcomes so far!
Listen to a new album every month. Thanks to Spotify, this is easy! Recommendations very welcome...
Seriously consider vegetarianism. This needs more research and time but I'm excited to get going with it...
Jump out of a plane. Scary! But it will happen, and I will hopefully raise some money in the process.

Easy. Right? RIGHT? Oh dear.


  1. That's a pretty impressively short list for the amount of time you have left, you've obviously ticked off loads already. Good luck with it!

  2. I went vegetarian in Jan, it's not as hard as you think! I'm sure you'll do great.

    Corinne x


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