Weekend Wanderlust: Barcelona

Barcelona: we've done the food and now it's time for the rest of it! 

I went to Barcelona back in 2008, and absolutely loved it. I was a bit worried that maybe I was looking back at the trip with rose-tinted glasses, and perhaps wouldn't find the city quite as incredible as I'd remembered. I needn't have worried.

Look how much I've changed! Oh, actually... 

One place that I particularly loved the first time around was La Pedrera, an apartment block designed by Gaudi. I hadn't done any research before visiting the first time, so I was amazed by the incredible rooftop when I emerged onto it. Pete hadn't been to La Pedrera before, so I was relieved that he enjoyed his first visit (and he felt it matched up to my incessant eulogising). 

Apart from a quick visit to the aquarium (I love aquariums)...

...we spent a lot of our time in Barcelona having a relaxed wander around. Here's some of what I deemed photo-worthy during our wanderings:

I'd definitely recommend Barcelona; it's such a fun, relaxed city and it was great to get a bit of winter (well, autumn) warmth.

We also managed to squeeze in a day trip to Montserrat, but more on that next week!


  1. Barcelona is my favourite place in the world, hoping to do the half marathon there next year x

  2. I've never been but really, really want to go. Now to convince Thomas that we need another holiday next year...


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