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I've probably stolen that title from someone. Soz. This post is a straightforward 'does what it says on the tin in the title' job. Without further ado, I present to you some of the blog posts I've enjoyed (fairly) recently.

This post from about women who have both children and careers was really interesting. The author explains that she isn't trying to have it all; she considers herself an entrepreneur first and a working Mum second. She points out, quite correctly, that when working men say they have children, people understand that they can be a committed parent while still investing huge amounts of time and energy in their job. Women, on the other hand, are often harshly judged if they say that they prioritise their career. Obviously some people would prefer to put their parenting duties first. Either way, it must be incredibly liberating to decide that you're not going to bust a gut trying to do both perfectly.

If that's a bit heavy for you, then I thoroughly recommend this old Jim'll Fix It clip of a group of boys eating their packed lunch on a rollercoaster. I cried with laughter. (Don't worry, the clip doesn't feature Jimmy himself!)

I loved this inspirational post about people who achieved their dreams later in life. It reminds me of how Kathryn Stockett sent her hugely successful book 'The Help' to 60 publishers before it was accepted (there are lots of similar literary examples here).

This post is about a gay, Morman man who has been happily married to a woman for 10 years. When I first saw the title and clicked on the link I had a whole load of preconceptions and was ready to experience some good old self-righteous indignation. I actually reacted in a totally different way than I was anticipating. See what you think, it's an incredibly interesting read... 

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