12 Lists of Christmas: Three of My Favourite Christmas Songs

For me, a big part of getting into the Christmas spirit is listening to Christmassy music. Some of the videos might be a bit random but I struggled to find a simple way to embed just the audio in the post. My html skillz are clearly not what they could be.

Step Into Christmas - Elton John

I absolutely, unashamedly, love this song. I cannot sit still when I hear it. Video bonus: check out Elton's suit and massive tinted glasses. 

Come and Join the Celebration

The video above is a rock version (just found it on my youtube search- I am far too excited right now).

It wouldn't be Christmas without a carol, and this is my favourite (well, it's kind of a carol). This reminds me of school Christmas carol concerts, both the ones I went to as a child and the ones that I go to at work. Lots of warm fuzzy-ness. Here's the 'original'.

Swiss Colony Beef Log - Eric Cartman

I'm pretty sure that, with the exception of me and my brother, no-one has heard of this song. Probably because it was the b-side of the Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo single. I can't really explain my irrational love for this song, but it always makes me extremely happy, and once again, I have to dance to the end part. So much so that my brother and I made up a dance to it. YUP. Actually, it wasn't dissimilar to this.

What have we learned here? I love any song that makes me dance, and I was an incredibly cool 12 year old.

BRB, I'm off to listen to my Christmas playlist.

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