12 Lists of Christmas: The Bad Bits

I am probably one of the world's biggest Christmas fans, but even I am willing to admit that it's not all rainbows and butterflies (or, um, crackers and cake). So here's the not so great bits:

Financial pressure. This post on A Thrifty Mrs, about a couple who broke up because of the financial strain of Christmas, is so sad (and, I reckon, probably not that unusual). Luckily for me, my family and friends aren't the type to pile on the pressure with extravagant gifts, and it really saddens me that Christmas puts so many people under stress because of money. I know it's cheesy, but Christmas really should be all about the people you spend it with, not the money you spend on them.

Sparkly dresses. 'Tis the season of glittery, sequinned party dresses. I just don't understand why people feel the need to spend money on a dress that will probably only get worn twice. That said, I'm definitely no fashion blogger, so maybe I just don't get it!

Over-eating. I am one of life's eaters, and Christmas is a baaaaaaad time for this. To an extent it's fine, and probably one of my favourite aspects of the festive season. However, one year I did actually end up being physically sick because I'd eaten so much, so I do actually need to learn to reign it in a bit! [Just re-read that, realised it makes me sound a bit nuts. Probably fair.]

That's probably it. To be fair, I think I did quite well to think of three; I am a pretty die hard Christmas fan.

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