It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (cake)!

How is it already time for my annual Christmas cake post?!

I've posted the full 'instructions' (and I use that term pretty loosely) here.

Obligatory cake sniffing and apron-selfie pics.

You'll be pleased to hear (read?) that I didn't forget the most important ingredient:

(My family thought that it was absolutely brilliant that I subjected them to Christmas songs in mid-October).

I'm pretty excited for the icing stage. I was really pleased with last year's effort, but I'm keen to try something new once again. I'm keeping an eye out on Pinterest for ideas...
First however, it's time to get feeding the cake with brandy. Once a fortnight for two months = drunk cake. Mmmmmm, drunk cake....


  1. And you've successfully got me craving cake!

  2. Oh, I need to get this on this weekend's to do list!!

  3. Eek, you're so organised! I usually don't manage to make it until the very end of November.


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