12 Lists of Christmas: 6 Pre-Christmas Things I'm Looking Forward To

It's back! The lists are back!

Christmas + lists = Liz's personal idea of heaven. That says an awful lot about me, and none of it's good... I know it's still November, but I love Christmas and I really need to try and stay positive at the moment. I figured a list of festive stuff might do the trick. For me, a lot of the joy of Christmas is in the build-up, so here's the stuff I'm looking forward to doing before the day* itself:

Wrapping presents in front of Christmas films.

Seeing London's Christmas lights.

Feeding the Christmas cake with brandy every couple of weeks. The cake is already paralytic.

Singing carols. I sing beautifully. Well, not exactly beautifully, but I'm very enthusiastic.

Baking (and eating) lots of Christmas-themed goodies.

Getting my Spotify Christmas playlist on. Loudly. Dancing to it. Badly. 

Right, now I just need to get sane enough to do all that. Wish me luck!

*By 'the day' I mean any one of the three Christmas Days that I will be having this year.


  1. I'd love to see London's Christmas lights, are you going to take photos?

    Corinne x

    1. Of course! I never miss an opportunity for a blog post! X


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