London: My 5 favourite things to do for under £5.

Beth has been on her honeymoon for the last couple of weeks (lucky thing!) so she asked me (and some other lovely ladies) to do a guest post.

Here's (the beginning of) mine:

London: My 5 favourite things to do for under £5

Beth loves a bargain...ask her about the 5p battered sausage (she'll be so happy that I told you about that). As a tribute to this extreme dedication to thriftiness, I'm going to share my five favourite things to do in London for less that a fiver. 

The South Bank
The South Bank is one of my favourite places to hang out...

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  1. I got really confused when I clicked the link and it went over to her blog, missed the part about the guest post haha!

    I guess I'll have a read now :)

    Corinne x

  2. Hey there! Yes, we haven't spoken for ages. I have seriously failed on keeping upto date with blogging this year. We are heading to London in December, I haven't been for a few years so hoping to rekindle my love for the city. I am keen to head to Somerset House for ice skating, but daytime wise we have a pretty open scehdule - wondering what to do/fit in. The South Bank sounds good xxx


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