Seaford, Seven Sisters and Eastbourne.

Last Saturday we walked 12.5 miles from Seaford to Eastbourne, over the Seven Sisters cliffs and Beachy Head. How fit and healthy am I?! So fit and healthy that I had to counter-balance the calorie burning with a cream tea and fish and chips. Seems fair.

The beach at Seaford.

The Seven Sisters (in the distance). 
We walked over those, and let me tell you, they were steep.

Eastbourne! Finally!

In spite of the cream tea and fish and chips, I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing the walk! Actually, I'm pretty proud of finishing the food. No regrets.


  1. It says so much about me that the main thing I took away from this post was, "Mmmm, fish & chips". I now really really want some!

    1. The food was my main motivation for keeping going... My bf dangled the carrots of cream tea and chips in front of me the whole time. Unfortunately they didn't have the health benefits of actual carrots.

  2. that looks beautiful, far to close to the ledge though xx


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