London's Green Chain: Thames Barrier to Oxleas Medows

It seems a bit weird to be posting gloriously sunny pictures from last weekend when I'm currently sat in bed listening to pouring rain, but I guess that's Autumn for you... Last Sunday we decided to start exploring the Green Chain. We did section five, which goes from the Thames Flood Barrier to Oxleas Wood.

The Green Chain is a series of walks in South East London (which connect together like, erm, a chain). The idea is to get people to explore the parks and green spaces around London. The website (which I've linked to above) has written descriptions of the route, and audio files (which are free to download) that guide you through the walk, telling you where to go and telling you a bit about what you're looking at.

There are signs all along the route to stop you getting lost... We did actually get lost once but that might have been me not listening to the audio description properly. I'm not going to blame the signs. 

You have to admit, it's pretty sexy for a flood barrier.

Although I heard/saw little evidence of it on the night, it would seem that the storm did in fact hit London.

Love this view across Hornfair Park.

Woolwich Common. It felt hard to believe that we were only a few metres away from busy roads. Well, it would have done if we couldn't have heard the sirens...

The audio guide gives you loads of facts about the areas you're walking through. FACT: Public executions were held outside the police station on Shooters Hill to deter armed bandits, who were rife in the area. That's probably not a very interesting fact, but I love facts. Any facts. Go on, tell me some facts.

The view from Severndroog Castle.

Oxleas meadow! We made it...

I'd totally recommend trying the Green Chain (or the London Loop, or the Capital Ring) as a way of getting out of the city without actually having to go anywhere. I'm really looking forward to doing the next bit... As soon as the rain stops.


  1. These photographs are fab, how lovely to be able to get to all that green space while still in London

  2. Love your photos, they are just gorgeous

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