Reading Festival 2013: My Very Important Thoughts

Last weekend I went to Reading for the first time since 2006. As predicted, I did feel pretty old (there are a lot of 16-18 year olds there) but it wasn't too bad! I had an awesome weekend. So awesome, in fact, that I was rendered practically speechless for two days afterwards (too much screaming!).

Here's my thoughts:

Act that most surpassed my expectations: Without a doubt, Johnny Marr. I didn't know if he would even play any Smiths songs, so I didn't let myself get my hopes up. He played Stop Me..., How Soon Is Now?, Bigmouth Strikes Again and There Is A Light... Go and see him. You get to listen to Smiths songs without putting up with Morrissey's shit. I genuinely was speechless (and a little teary) afterwards, and not (entirely) because of the screaming.

Best set list: Green Day. The day before we left for Reading, I tweeted this:
At the time that was extreme wishful thinking, but they only bloody did it! The whole way through. My friend Kirsty and I usually dance hard, but this was something else... Apologies to anyone who was stood near me.

Best thing to put vodka in: This is a tie, between an inflatable beer cooler (for storage), slush puppies (for drinking) and my pants (for sneaking in).

Most disappointing band: Foals. I was so looking forward to them, and they played a rubbish set list. No Cassius, and I'm pretty sure they didn't play Bad Habit. Gutted.

Favourite new band: This is a difficult one because it was a great weekend for checking out new stuff... I think Savages. Or maybe Tame Impala. Or maybe Frightened Rabbit. DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

Most brilliantly eccentric band: British Sea Power. My favourite eccentricity was the 8 ft tall bears dancing and fighting in the crowd.

Best thing to do in the arena: Silent disco, baby! This is what actually ruined my voice (and my knees, and my ankles, and my self-respect...).

Worst thing to do in the arena: Female urinals. For some reason I decided to try it twice. They didn't call me 'Lizzy Pissy Pants' for nothing.


  1. Hey Liz, glad you had a good time. Not too sure about the female unrinals but Greenday must of been insane. Extremely jealous xx

  2. That nickname has a lovely ring to it... I shall store it in my mind for future reference. It's almost as if Green Day read your tweet, that must have been amazing x

  3. I went to Leeds festival last weekend and felt too old! Everyone was 16 and absolute drunk mess! Haha. Green Day were amazing weren't they? I was so happy they played Dookie in full! I loved Johnny Marr as well.
    I love this post!
    Kloe xx


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