Good Stuff #7

It was my birthday two weeks ago, and that brought with it a lot of good stuff...

Hilarious birthday card from my brother and his girlfriend. It's so me!
Ink Bomb/Jagerbomb roulette. Still not 100% sure what an Ink Bomb actually is.
Dough sticks and a chocolate dip.
'Champagne' in a Kate and Wills mug. You can't buy class like that.

First ice cream of the year. IT'S SUMMER! (It's not summer.)
Nachos for the table.
Tea timer at Mystic Brew in Orpington.
Salmon and cream cheese bagel.

...and I got onto my (part time) masters course, and it's (finally) sunny out.

Life is good.


  1. I don't even like salmon and cream cheese, but that bagel looks amazing! x

  2. It all sounds pretty good with you! :-) yay! X

  3. Ink bombs? I'm very intrigued.
    Congrats on getting onto the course! Xx

  4. Disappointed in both of us that we didn't take a photo of the nachos in Hammersmith

  5. Fooood! Happy belated birthday, looks like you had fun, I love the Kate and Wills mug! :)


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