Good Stuff #3

Some of the good stuff that's been on my phone for a while... I think most of it got neglected in my Christmas posting binge, probably because it wasn't festive enough. Sorry for the photo dumping (just think, if I had Instagram, you'd have to put up with this crap all the time...). 

Afternoon tea and panini from Chives in Watchet.
First Creme egg of the year.
My Mum's amazing steak and vegetable casserole.
I actually cooked something for once...

A special Christmas message for Dave.
Fake Christmas: fuelled by Mint Matchmakers.
Face paint.

In case you're wondering (you probably aren't, but just in case), I've totally wimped out of publishing my 'making changes' posts. I think maybe I'm a bit scared of baring my soul when anyone could read it. I'll probably post the body image one at some point, but I've decided it's better to leave work/career off the blog entirely...

Anyway. Food and fun are where it's at. I've decided.


  1. It is a little scary posting things like that in a public place! Just post what you feel comfortable.

    I've not eaten a Cadburys creme egg in YEARS. Is that weird? Ha.

    Corinne x

    1. It's weird to me, I can;t get enough of them! :) It is scary posting things that are really personal... I just imagine my boss reading them, then I can't press 'publish'! xx

  2. I can't remember the last time I ate a creme egg, this year will be the year! x

  3. I had my first creme egg of the year this week - so good!

  4. Afternoon tea is my favourite! I wish it was acceptable to have afternoon tea every day. Your fun pictures are hilarious too xx

  5. Lovely photos , pasta looks yummy xx

  6. Yummy, yummy & fun :) Great post.
    I still haven't had a Cream Egg this year, if this snow has gone tomorrow I may hunt one down! xx


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