12 Lists of Christmas: 5 Reasons Why I'm Glad The Festive Season Is Over

I love Christmas, really I do, in fact I'm probably one of its biggest fans. Even so, I'm happy to admit that there are some aspects of it that I won't miss.

Here's why I'm glad that the festive season's over:

I can stop eating like a complete pig. I'm quite good at not buying crap food, but once it's in the house I have zero willpower.
No more Christmas songs. They were fun for about a week, around the end of November. I'm over them now.
No more stressing about presents, cards, wrapping... Again, all that list-making was fun for a week or so, and the giving was lovely, but the weeks in-between were stressful.
I can have a bit more free time. December just seems to be full of parties, drinks, meet ups... All lovely, but exhausting.
I might be able to save some money. Love it or hate it, Christmas is undeniably expensive.

Ah, who am I kidding, I'm not that glad the festive season's over, I love it. I've also loved making these lists... I'm sure you might not be entirely disappointed to realise that this has indeed been the 12th List of Christmas, so you no longer have to endure my incessant list-making! Thank you for reading them, I'm hoping this will encourage me to keep doing more regular posts...


  1. Whhhattt? You don't miss Christmas songs? We had them playing at work over the tannoy and I never got sick of them. Now work is sadder without the music!

    Corinne x

  2. I must admit I am certainly over Christmas now. I have enjoyed spending time doing things other than wrapping or Christmas shopping!xx

  3. How slow am I?! Have just twigged who my blogger Secret Santa was from! You rock! Thanks a million! x

  4. I was so busy in the lead up to Christmas (massively underestimated how much Christmas shopping that needed doing) and as for food consumption, I completely overdid it! Sometimes back to reality is what we all need :) xxx


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