The icing on the (Christmas) cake.

The making, feeding, and marzipanning is done. Time for the fun bit. Icing! 

Before I show you the pictures, I should probably confess that I cheated a bit. My Mum did the hard work (covering the cake with the icing and making it smooth), all I did was cut out some shapes with cake cutters and do a bodge job with a bit of ribbon... 

Still, I'm nothing if not a glory-hunter, so here's the finished product:

I have a bird tattoo and sheep are my Mum's favourite animals.

I'm pretty proud of our Christmas baking skillz. Assuming we don't poison anyone, we'll have to make it an annual event.


  1. I haven't baked this Christmas, but one year I WILL bake a Christmas cake! Yours look lovely xxx

  2. I wish I liked Christmas cake, SO cute! x

  3. This is adorable you must be an amazing baker


  4. Oh wow! This looks lovely! Fancy popping over and making one for my fam too? :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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