12 Lists of Christmas: The 19 Best Bits of 2012

January: Starting out on my own again. To be honest, January was difficult, but I made an important decision and it turned out to be the right one. It was the beginning of the beginning.

February: Going to London Zoo for my friend Jen's birthday, and thereby doing something fun on a difficult anniversary (for both of us).

March: The beginning of March was a little (a lot) traumatic, but it ended well, with me settling into my new house, getting tattooed, being treated on my birthday, and spending a weekend visiting my brother's new flat in Canterbury.

April: Going to Westward Ho! with my parents and @lipstysalter.

May: Enjoying the unexpected bout of sunshine and taking the kids at work on a lovely trip to the park.

July: Floating on the lake in Barlinek, and catching up with my lovely friend Marta.

August: Wandering around Berlin and discovering a new favourite city!

September: Watching Paralympic athletics in the Olympic Stadium.

October: Having a lovely half term catching up with my friends and my brother (and salivating in the Harrods Food Hall).

November: Seeing The Killers at the O2.

December: Being loved, supported and encouraged by my fabulous friends and family as I went through another bad patch, but one that demonstrated that I might have actually learnt something from my past experiences. Deep, eh?


  1. I think looking back over a particurlarly challenging year always makes you realise just how far you've come xxx

    1. Definitely! The bad stuff also makes the good stuff seeme even better... xx


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