12 Lists of Christmas: 13 Presents of Note

Giving is lovely, isn't? The excitement of planning what you're going to buy, finding it, lovingly wrapping it, and then waiting with excitement for your loved one to pluck it from under the tree and gleefully unwrap it. Ah, that warm festive glow.

Yep. Giving is great. But receiving... Receiving is the shizzle, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a big fat liar.

Here are some lovely gifts that I was very lucky to get from my family this year:

Christmas socks! Tucked into my Christmas onesie for ultimate festive impact.

Chritsmas-themed Babysitters' Club book (unsurprisingly they meddle in some family's private life and demonstrate that they've all very good friends), a book about Berlin (for reminiscing/planning future trips) and the Man In Seat 61 book (for fantasizing about the Trans-Siberian).

Sea Salt bag, owl necklace (which co-incidentally complimented my Christmas day dress), and a reversible, bird-themed, Fat Face bag.

Series one of Modern Family (if you haven't seen it, give it a try) and a Costa giftcard.

Two very appropriate notebooks from my brother and his girlfriend.

More Cath Kidston mugs for my ever-expanding collection.

I really do feel ever so lucky... What was the best present you gave/received yesterday?


  1. Great idea for a post! Love the mugs, I have received quite a few for Christmas myself x

  2. Great post. I had a Cath mug in a tin too. I love all my presents, the most used so far is my ipad keyboard. xx

  3. those socks are amazing- and you can't beat a Cath mug! x

  4. I got a Cath mug too! Love those socks and the Seasalt bag looks gorgeous too xxx


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