The Cosy Club

Oh, Somerset. I have what can probably best be described as a love/hate relationship with my home county. Although I've always been able to appreciate it's natural beauty, there was a time in my life (from the ages of around 17 to 23) that I was desperate to get away and, for the most part, stay away. I just couldn't stand the small town mentality and complete lack of decent shops/clubs/bus services/any trains whatsoever. (Sorry Mum.) Recently that's changed a bit. I've probably started growing out of my stroppy teenage 'I need to escape' phase, but West Somerset's been doing a bit of changing too. Boutiques, art galleries, and craft shops have started springing up alongside my old favourites of real pubs, fudge shops and tea rooms.

Last time I was in Taunton, we headed to The Cosy Club for lunch on my brother's recommendation. 

The main draw is the decor and atmosphere. Eclectic without being too eccentric, the interiors fall just on the right side of hipster. Slightly surly waiter aside, it really does achieve a welcoming and cosy feel, which is all the more impressive when you consider that it's actually a pretty big place, spread over three floors. 

I really wanted the food to be good, and it was. The tapas was good value and the coronation chicken was uber-chunky, but my personal stamp of approval lands firmly on top of the Cosy Club eggs. We had them with mushrooms, which was yummy, but next time I'll be trying them with salmon. And there will be a next time. Somerset, I'll be visiting again soon, and I am genuinely, wholeheartedly, looking forward to it.


  1. ooh looks charming! I've got a mate that lives down there, will have to tell her about this place x

  2. CAn we go when you come down? I keep meaning to try it xx


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