Four Reasons Why My Grandma Is Awesome

During my recent trip to Manchester, I was incredibly excited to visit B&M Bargains. Was it because the prices are so incredibly low? Or because they have a huge range of crap products that will revolutionalise your life? Well, yes, but it's mostly because of my Grandma's legendary affection for this particular discount retailer. She's originally from Middleton, near Manchester, and every October she used to go back with my Grandad to visit family and, most importantly, visit B&M. These were the days before every town had a Poundland, so my Mum used to give my Grandma a massive list of stuff to track down. She always returned triumphant (approximately 95% of my Christmas presents came from Santa B&M). Why am I telling you this? To illustrate point number one:

1. She is dedicated to sniffing out a bargain. This woman has made bargain hunting into a serious pursuit. Ever since the 99p Store opened it's doors, she had refused to give Poundland a penny of her pension. She used to drive to six different supermarkets on shopping day in order to search out the best deals. She volunteered in a charity shop and regularly made use of her 30% discount when sourcing Christmas and birthday gifts.

2. She has an awesome arsenal of anecdotes. My personal favourite involves her getting splashed with corrosive acid. I'm assuming it's true. Either way, she tells it with confidence.

3. She once bought me a Christmas musical box that featured a rotating Jesus. God's only son span around to the tune of 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'. See the last sentence of point one.

4. She has a toy boy. He's, like, 73 or something. Whenever any of my friends complain that they're going to be single forever, I remind them that my Grandma found new love at the tender age of 75. All is not lost...

What a legend.


  1. I love finding bargains all the time! your Grandma sounds awesome!

  2. Hahaha your Grandma sounds like a true bargain hunter, I love B&M, I once found my favourite perfume in there for £5 !!!! xxx


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