Good Stuff #1

The book maze in the Festival Hall.

Trying on costumes in the V&A. 
This one is called 'Fat Man'.
 Making (and eating) a big stack of cookies.

This high-quality Olympic-themed display in a pharmacy window.
Yes, it is just the names of sports printed onto A4 paper. 
Where do they find the time to create such things?

Other stuff that made me smile...
  • Eating coffee fudge.
  • Watchet Festival actually being like a proper little festival this year.
  • Drinking scrumpy.
  • Finally finishing Great Expectations.
  • Getting good feedback from the doctor.


  1. Scrumpy + Coffee fudge. I like your style!

  2. A book maze? Sounds pretty amazing! xxx

  3. The pharmacy display made me LOL! x


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