Greenwich Me Time

Firstly, an apology for the title, I know it's lame, but lame punning is what I do. One thing I love about living where I do (a slightly skanky outer London town in Kent) is that it's really easy to access both the countryside, and the centre of London. Last weekend I made the most of the (most likely over by now) sunny spell, and headed to Greenwich on Sunday with two of my loveliest homies. Here's what we saw as we strolled around in the sun...

 Greenwich park, which wasn't too busy, especially seeing as half of it was closed off for the Olympics preparations.

A huge ship in a huge bottle.

The newly-constructed stand for the Olympic equestrian events.

The beautiful painted ceilings in the University buildings (below). What an awesome place to graduate.


The Cutty Sark. I only take boat photos to make my Dad jealous (he's a ship enthusiast, that's where I get my 'cool gene' from).

What have you been getting up to in the sun?


  1. I've been working in the sun :( lots of garden time in the evenings though x

  2. I've had dinner in that hall with the pretty ceiling. The Meteoritical Society annual meeting was in Greenwich last summer. Nice place. xxx


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