Wanderlust I

In February I booked flights in and out of Berlin during the Summer holidays, the idea being that I'd visit my friend Marta in Poland (just over the border from Germany), then head off on my own through Poland and then to Berlin. Last week I realised that this trip is now not too far away, and I'm going to be flying off in just nine weeks. Very exciting!

This of course means I need to start planning. I'm trying to not over-plan and therefore to force myself to relax a little about how I'm going to get between cities, where I'm going to stay, etc. I think it'll be a good test for myself in a way, because I do tend to get a bit over-anxious about these things and plan everything in ridiculous detail!

As a rough guide, I'm thinking Barlinek (where my friend lives), then Gdansk, Krakow and finally Berlin.  I've started a Pinterest board to collect ideas, which I'll probably be updating quite frequently.

Have you ever been to Germany or Poland? Any recommendations/must-see places?

I can't believe it's been three years since I last went abroad...

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