No time for motivation.

I feel like I've lost my blogging mojo at the moment. I mostly blame my lack of computer; I think I've just got out of the habit of going online daily, and blogging feels like more of a chore than it used to. I'm sure my posting (and commenting) will get more prolific in time. I've also been focusing on keeping busy and keeping myself well, so I guess something had to give. Sorry, readers (yes, all 16 of you).

Well, those are my excuses, and now I'm going to do something really lazy... Link you to my Pinterest boards.

My name on there is distractliz. If you have one, please send me your address, I need more pinners to follow! I'm really enjoying Pinterest right now. I'd been thinking about getting a Tumblr for a while, but the fact that Pinterest lets you sort stuff into categories obviously held massive appeal for me!

I know that devoting a whole blog post to just linking you to yet another social media platform is super-lazy. Sorry.

P.S. Why does the Blogger spell checker highlight the word 'blog' as a misspelling?! Ridiculous.

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