Get in my belly. Please.

Last weekend, I went to Somerset to visit my Mum and Dad, and on Saturday morning I went to Dunster to meet up with my friend Kirsty. It's a bit super touristy but, to be fair, it is quite postcard-worthy. It may not have a bank, but it does have a CASTLE, which I think you'll agree is much, much better. I was going to take a photo of the castle but there was a frozen food delivery van in the way and that somewhat ruined the view. Instead, here's the old yarn market and some shops:

We waited at least 45 seconds before making a beeline for Tessa's Tea Room. Here is their pretty garden, bunting and all:

Obviously I went for a cream tea (because that's how I roll):

I had a second helping of cream that was about twice as big as the helping in the picture. I ate it all. Obviously (because, again, that is how I roll). Now, that would have made for a good food day in itself, but I naturally followed it up with some fudge (it's kind of rude not to in Dunster, there's some seriously good fudge shops). 

However, the cream tea and the fudge were just not quite enough. Luckily, we'd planned to go for a family curry in the evening. I decided not to irritate everyone by taking photos of all my food, but here's  the pickle tray (because we all know that the poppadoms are the best bit):

Yes, your eyes are not mistaken, that is a FIVE PIECE set o' pickles. 

In short, Saturday was the kind of day that the phrase 'diet fail' was made for. And I bloody loved it.

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