WAMK: Push it real good.

Last Tuesday went to see the Occupational Health doctor (I know I posted a few weeks ago that I didn't have to do that again, but blips will be blips). He was actually really helpful and gave me a much-needed fresh perspective on a few things. We had a chat about some medication I've just been taken off of, and he mentioned that exercise would probably help to replace the medicine's function.

Although I obviously knew anyway that exercise was good for my mental health, hearing this has really encouraged me to keep going with the gym, and to get back into it in a big way after my holiday. I know it sounds a bit silly, but I'm really trying to think of exercise as a kind of medication; that it, to think of it as something I have to do, and have to do regularly, to help myself.

I've managed six visits this week, which is obviously not going to be practical every week, but I think four should be doable, and I'm feeling pretty determined to stick with it.


  1. Sounds like a win win situation! You go girl.x

  2. well done! drunk man in the offy wasn't wrong.


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