Eat Me: Westward Ho! Edition

What's the best thing about going on holiday? Eating what you want, obviously. I went to Westward Ho! (yes, the exclamation mark is part of the name, it's awesome, I know) during the Easter holidays and I ate A LOT. Here's the best bits:

(How do you make a pasty even less healthy? Why, at it with chips, of course; half a portion of mussels because I was so eager to eat I forgot to take a photo; nachos; the most brownie-filled sundae ever; salmon; Easter cakes; my Mum's legendary sweetie-filled Easter egg.)
Sorry for all the scrolling involved in this post, one day I will learn how to do fancy things with photos!
What was the best thing you ate over Easter?

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  1. Cornish pasty and that Sundae! Yummiest ever. Good times. x


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