Feel the fear and do it anyway.

That sentence (taken from the title of a famous self-help book) is one that I heard about a million times during my 'treatment' and, to be honest, I've generally regarded it as a load of crap. However...

As much as I hate to admit it (and believe me, I really do) it has become a bit of a mantra for me recently. I tested it out when I went ice skating. I was scared. I was uncoordinated. But then that little sentence popped into my head and I just thought, 'F*ck it, how bad can it be?' And I skated. Not gracefully, or quickly, but I managed to go round three times without holding onto the side.

Since then I've been trying to apply it to slightly more significant things in life, and it's going alright so far. Today was a big one: I did lead adult for a whole morning at work, and I went to the hospital where I was once a patient to visit a friend. That was definitely a biggie, and something I could never have done even a few weeks ago.

I think the most important bit of the sentence is the 'feel the fear' part; it's OK to feel afraid, you just shouldn't let it hold you back.

Sorry if you're finding these kind of posts all a bit cheesy/self-interested/full of therapy bollocks... I guess it's just where my head's at right now.

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