Cheap as chips.

I humbly present to you... My sales bargains! A little overdue, I know, but my camera went on holiday and has only just returned (I didn't get to go with it).

Here are my favourite bit and bobs:

Dorothy Perkins jewellery: £5 for the whole hand! Aside: how fat does my hand look?! Does this mean I have to start doing weird hand exercises? (Eating less might not be an option.)

Fat Face dress and necklace, £13.50 for the two. I slightly regret not buying the dress in more colours.

I went a bit mad in Forever 21. I've never been in there before. I reckon the quality and pricing are somewhere in between Primark and H&M. I took the opportunity to stock up on work-friendly BOGOF sale t-shirts.

And finally a couple of earring purchases that weren't in the sales. Obviously I had to have the bird earrings.

I've been a bit of a rubbish blogger this week (didn't even manage a Follow Fursday), so I've given myself and slap on the wrist and told myself to do better next week. I'm in the middle of a '30 before 30' so any suggestions/links to other people's would be much appreciated...

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