30 before 30: 1 to 10

I've mentioned it a few times in previous posts, and I think I've finally cracked my 30 before 30. I've tried to go for a mixture of big and small things, and have tried to make sure that everything is achievable financially (so no 'round the world' trip unfortunately) and within my control (so no 'have three children' or any of that crap). Being the slightly lazy blogger that I am, I've decided to stretch this out over three posts. I also figured that would allow me to explain some of the things properly.

So, here are numbers one to ten:
  1. Go to Glastonbury Festival. I love gigs, and I've been to Reading a few times, but I've never done the big one. I know I would love it.
  2. Go to Scotland. I've never been which, taking into consideration my Dad's love of UK holidays, is a bit weird.
  3. Go on another family holiday.
  4. Travel outside of Europe.
  5. Go back to Norway (for a visit).
  6. Pass my driving test. Lack of money and confidence have put me off doing this so far (I came close once) and to be honest, it's not something that I'm currently that worried about doing, but it is a skill that I want to get under my belt.
  7. Learn to walk in heels. This is seriously holding me back!
  8. Perform on stage. Note: school nativity play does not count. Although, given the hours of practice and nervous energy that go into it, it probably should.
  9. Volunteer.
  10. Get a tattoo.
Part two will be available for your viewing pleasure tomorrow...


  1. I'll give you walking in heel lessons!

  2. Haha I might have to take you up on that!


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