Culture vulture.

Last Saturday I met up with Marta, my friend from Norway. She was in London for one weekend only, and had a full schedule of cousins and friends to meet up with, so we tried to pack lots in to our 5 hours together.

We hit Harrods first. I braved their ridiculously over-crowded and over-priced Christmas shop to get a Harrods teddy for my Grandma's Christmas present (don't worry, unless her computer skills improve immeasurably over the next six weeks, it won't ruin the surprise). We also looked at lots of sparkly shoes that neither of us will ever be able to afford to buy. In my case, it wouldn't even matter if I could afford to buy them, given that I can't walk in heels. I know a lot of people complain about this, but I seriously cannot even take one step. I need lessons or something...

After a quick Pret stop (duck wrap, mmmmm) we made our way to the Saddler's Wells Theatre (I told you I was cultured). The signs outside the theatre proclaim that, 'Saddler's Wells is dance', so I figured I was in a good place to lose my contemporary-dance-viewing virginity. We saw Seven for a secret, never to be told by the Rambert Company. It was fab. Luckily for me, it was a family performance so it started off with an explanation of the difference between contemporary and modern dance, with the dancers doing contrasting warm-up exercises. 'Seven for a secret...' was all about 'the power of play'. It explored the different ways that children of different ages and genders play, together and apart. I never really realised how much acting is involved in dancing. The dancers (all adults) portrayed their characters really effectively, and I was just so impressed with the way they were able to move (well, this does come from a woman who can't even walk in heels...).


  1. bet it was lovely to meet up with your friend! hope you had a good time :)



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