WAMK: Um, yeah.

I'm going to be straight with you: this week I was rubbish at exercising.

We walked about 3.5 miles last Sunday and... That's it.

I can't really kid myself that that's enough. I just don't enjoy exercise that much. Well, the exercise itself is OK but this week I'm so unmotivated that I just can't be bothered with all the hoohah of getting ready and walking to the leisure centre.

Anyone got any ideas? I think I'd get bored of an exercise DVD and I can't afford a Wii Fit.

Meh. Must try (a lot) harder next week.

(My original pledge and the Where Are My Knees blog.)


  1. It's 3.5 miles more than I walked this week! Sounds like you definitely want to find a way of exercising that you actually enjoy & can be motivated for - totally makes sense! What are you doing at the moment? I thought you wanted to be walking but why do you need to go to the leisure centre for that?

    Ideas..hm.. can't say I actually do any exercise that I could recommend, although I've played badminton with friends/flatmates a few times & that's a good laugh! But it is something you have to go out for. I'd say walking is good - on your own can be nice and relaxed and gives you a lot of time to think and take everything slowly, but also with friends is great because you just get to enjoy each other's company and you don't really notice that you're getting exercise!

  2. I do enjoy the walking but I was trying to mix it up with some swimming/exercise classes because I feel like I should probably do some more 'intense' exercise too.

    Exercising with friends is def a good idea, will have to try and rope someone in! x

  3. I also agree that badminton is a good one to do. I can honestly say badminton is the only form of exercise I have ever genuinely enjoyed.

    I cycled a few miles the other day, which was also fun, but depending on whether you are going uphill or downhill, it can feel too painful and therefore not fun, or too easy but lots of fun! 1 hour of badminton with a friend seems to fly by, and you can go for it as much as you like, or just have a nice chilled out game.

  4. You are so much better than me.

    I haven't exercised in over ten years, I dun even like to move around much out of sheer laziness. ;P

    The Cat Hag


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