Sorry for last week's lack of update, I've been struggling to keep up with real life so blogging sort of fell by the wayside. Soz.

This week I've discovered My Fitness Pal and so far I loves it. Although this pledge wasn't initially about changing my eating habits, I decided that there was some definite need for improvement in that area and it made sense to tackle food and exercise at the same time.

So: MFP. You enter your current weight and height, and your exercise and weight goals. You then enter everything you eat and any exercise you do, and it does all the magic calorie maths for you. It hasn't exactly taught me anything new (I eat too many carbs, not enough protein and I don't move enough) but seeing it all written down makes it easier to tackle. And it's useful to have a realistic picture of the day, rather than, say, feeling guilty at about 7pm because you ate a chocolate bar earlier and then proceeding to think, 'Well, I've overeaten anyway,' and munching your way through a tube of Pringles and going to bed feeling shit. Ahem.

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