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I'm well aware that my posting has been less than regular of late, and I PROMISE I will get back on it this week. I have an idea for a project that will give a bit more structure to the blog but more to come over the next couple of days/weeks/months (let's face it, we all know that my ability to procrastinate and delay these things knows no bounds).

In light of my lack of readable publishing, I thought I would just direct you to some of the bloggy/newspaper supplementy delights that I have been sampling today. Trust me, they're far more interesting that anything I could create right now.

Travel tips for getting an insider perspective on the countries you visit.

How one girl found her sperm donor siblings and father.

More beautiful pictures, this time called 'Away From Home'.

The Telegraph's 'Sign Language'. Funny and confusing signs from the UK and further afield. I just discovered this and I love it. I sense that minutes (OK, hours) are about to be wasted as I flick through the archives...

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